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Here are some photos of our founder tabling at events on UCSD's campus in 2019.

Featured Black Businesses

The Black businesses featured in some products we sell!

Bundles by D'or

Conscious Cookies

Divinity by Dayah



Luluu Nailss

Lux Sets by $iy

Pressed By Daze 

Pretty Itty Esthetics

Reign Nicole Beauty

SheerBlyss LLC

Shi Minks LLC

​Slumberzzz Sleepwear

Textured Tech

The Braider's Collection by Ms. Chelsey the Braider

The Temple Skin Studio

Want for Needs

Zjrne's Way

Special Thanks

First Customer

Jordan Ward

First Location to Make a Sale

Maliq de Piña via The Shop @ UCSD's Black Resource Center

Graphic Design Jobs

By Ki Official

Darion Allen

Digitalgz by Sy

Select Product Photos

Amauri Martin

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